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Budha Girl AWB Fawn


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Fawn AWB are made of flexible, custom-colored polyvinyl carbonate rings that are then filled with gold and silver leaf and sealed with our exclusive BuDhaGirl Serenity Prayer bead. they are weightless, soundless, waterproof, and TSA proof. Each of the four Fawn bangles in the set is meant to represent the graduating coloration of life. We call it the "ombre" of things. Situations or events in life that are at first heavily tinged with emotion, then with time, transition to  become a peaceful part of life.This unique non-metal material allows you to go from pool, to the office, and through the airport all without needing to take them off. All Weather Bangles are made of polycarbonate tubing that is a semi-flexible material, so there is a little give when you slide the bangles over your hand. This really is the key to deciding your size... how the bangles go over your hand, not the size of your wrist. 

We offer three sizes in the All Weather Bangles: 

Small   2.25''

Medium  2.44''

Large  2.55''

Extra Large 2.66"

*These measurements are in inches and they signify the internal diameter of the bangle.* 

It is our experience that most people take a medium. 

Handcrafted in Thailand



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