BuDhaGirl Meteorite All Weather Bangles Set of 6


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BuDhaGirl captures the beauty of galaxies in its newest color: ultra-rich infused bronze AWB. Meteorite combines incredibly well with gold, silver, rose gold and champagne AWB, letting you create an amazing stack of warm color on your wrist. Meteorite AWB are truly out of this world.

Handcrafted in Thailand by really nice people. Each AWB is made by a team of 20+ artisans, each bangle is hand made, each is a labor of love. AWBs are made with organic products, at times a slight color differentiation might occur, this is only natural as humidity and temperature conditions do affect the outcome. Our Serenity Prayer Bead is made with uncoated brass which as time goes by, might develop a verdi-gris patina. Our point is that AWB are a product that will age, develop character, and will remain beautiful...just like our BuDhaGirls.

Small diameter 2.25 in

Medium diameter 2.44 in

Large diameter 2.55 in

To find your perfect size, measure the width of your hand, NOT the circumference of your wrist.

We measure from the edge of the ring finger to the edge of the index finger



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